Rules for TPTL

  1. The Tournament is a Team event comprising of 8 Teams.

  2. Teams are divided into 2 Groups of 4 Teams and each team will have to play 3 Round Robin League Matches with the other teams in their Group.

  3. Each tie comprises of 2 Doubles and 1 Singles. Doubles will be played under two categories viz., the first one with a combined age of 110 and the second one with a combined age of 95. For Doubles the matches will be decided by Best of 13 games with Van All to be played at the time of First Deuce. For Singles the match will be decided by Best of 3 super tie-break games.

  4. For League matches the winner gets one point for winning the tie.

  5. Top two teams from each Group will qualify for the Semi Finals. If there is a 2-way tie in the points scored by two teams then the Qualifier will be decided by the result of the match played between them. If there is a 3-way tie in the points scored by three teams then the Qualifier will be decided based on the match score. For match score the winner gets one point for each match in the tie. If there is a tie in the match score, then the winner will be decided by the net game score of the singles matches played among themselves. If the winner is decided, the 2nd qualifier will be decided by the result of the Head-to-Head tie played between the two teams.

  6. A player can play in only one match in any tie, both at the League and Knock-out stage. Team can opt for substitution in Doubles after completion of 4 Games with a player from Reserves who will fulfill the criteria of the combined age for that Doubles match and the player so substituted cannot play any other match in that tie.

  7. Each match will be officiated by an Umpire and his decision is final in settling any dispute regarding line calls and foot faults.

  8. The matches will be held in Court No.1 from 5.00 PM onwards. The schedule of matches will be informed to team owners / captains well in advance. There will usually be two League ties played every day. The First one will start at 5.00 PM and the Second league match at 7.00 PM. The order of matches to be played in each tie will be decided by lots 15 minutes before the first match. Timings and Court to be used may be changed by Tournament Committee if necessitated by weather conditions.

  9. Finals of TPTL-V would be held on Sunday. The Club will be hosting an official Dinner after the Finals and Prize Distribution for all Team Owners and players.

The rules are modified from time to time, the rules for TPTL 2022 will be updated after the finalization of the same