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  • Members are required to register their guests at the Reception, on entry. The registration slip is to be produced on request at the service area. (Member’s spouse, parents, children and children’s spouse need not be registered).

  • Guest charges applicable are Rs.125/- plus GST per head if Bar facilities are used and Rs.40/- plus GST per head if Restaurant facilities are used. Ladies and Girls are exempted from Guest charges.

  • The same guest may be entertained NOT more than 10 times in a month.

  • Guests are expected to be in the Club only along with their member host. They are entitled to use all facilities of the Club and take part in any game by paying the respective charge applicable.

  • Party guests, who are not individually registered as guests, should restrict themselves to the party halls only.

  • Day membership charges for Affiliated Club members are reciprocal in nature and based on mutually accepted terms. Affiliated Club members are NOT allowed to entertain guests.

  • Affiliated members also have the 10-days-in-a-month limit for availing Club facilities. They are not permitted to be entertained subsequently as guests of a member just so as to exceed this limit.

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