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Rockholm Rocks Lift TPTL VII

It was a surreal end to TPTL VII on Sunday evening as Rockholm Rocks came from behind to oust odds-on favorites Firmusoft Flames 2-1 in the final that was interrupted twice, first by rain and then by a power outage.

Arun Cherry Jacob won the important singles match against VS Visakh to square the tie after Flames won the 110 doubles. 

It was left to Harish and Nitin to clinch the deciding open doubles against Praveen and Jinu after a prolonged battle and give Rocks, owned by Ranjit Mathew, their first TPTL title in their 2nd franchise year.

WInners Rockholm.jpeg
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5:00 pm : 3rd PLACE MATCH (G Sand Raptors Vs BP Slammers)

6:00 pm : FINALS (Firmusoft  Flames Vs Rockholm Rocks)

26/03/2022, Semi Finals


Rockholm Rocks beat G Sand Raptors 2-0

Firumsoft Flames beat BP Slammers 2-1

Rockholm Rocks and Firmusoft Flames entered the finals of TPTL VII in contrasting styles on Saturday.

Rocks won the first two matches to eliminate GSand Raptors in the first semi final, with Harish Haridas and Nitin Phillip narrowly getting past the Jacob brothers Kuriakose and Thomas 7-6 via a tie breaker in the crucial Open doubles. Arun Cherry closed the issue easily beating Lakshminarayan in the singles. The 110 doubles didn't have to be played.

Flames, who had topped Group A, had to fight hard to overcome BP Slammers in the other semi final. The deciding match saw Madhu Ganesh and CT Padmakumar play out of their skin to get past Kumaraswamy and Jayakrishna 7-5 in a close finish that could have gone either way.

Points Table

Group Table 6.jpeg
Group Table 6.jpeg

Semi Finals Line Up


5:00 pm : G Sand Raptors Vs Rockholm Rocks

6:45 pm : Firmusoft  Flames Vs BP Slammers

24/03/2022, Group B


Geotrans Regals beat G Sand Raptors 2-1

BP Slammers beat TVS 3-0

After what must surely rate as TPTL's most nerve racking finish to the round robin stage, BP Slammers joined GSand Raptors as semi final qualifiers from Group B.

Geotrans Regals set up the evening with a handsome win over Raptors, the group toppers. Sudeep and Rajeev scored a crucial win over CH Suresh and Najeem in the 110 doubles, while Vinod Comar edged out Lakshminarayan in the singles to seal a 2-1 victory that would have seen Regals through to the last 4 as long as Team TVS managed to win at least one match from Slammers in the final group tie.

Slammers however paid put to Regals' hopes with a superbly crafted 3-0 triumph over TVS. That included a nail biting 7-6 win for Kumaraswamy and Jayakrishna over Ram Kishore and Reji Verghese, which incidentally was Kishore's first ever loss at TPTL over 7 seasons. The final singles became the decider as tensions built up. Vishnu did it for Slammers 2-1 in a tense finish after losing the first of the super tie break games. 

Friday will be a rest day and the battle resumes on Saturday with the knock-out semi finals.

Day 6 Res.jpeg
Day 6 Pts.jpeg


Day 6 of TPTL VII

Todays Matches

5:00 pm : G Sand Raptors Vs Geotrans Regals

6:45 pm : BP Slammers Vs TVS

23/03/2022, Group A


Rockholm Rocks beat Shanja Acers 3-0

TIPL Advantage beat Firmusoft Flames 2-1

Firmusoft Flames and Rockholm Rocks moved into the semi finals from Group A after a day of thrilling matches. 

Rocks, who had lost all their matches to Flames in their previous tie, turned the tables on Shanja Acers with a comprehensive 3-0 win that included a straight set romp by Arun Cherry over Anand George in the marquee singles clash. 

The 3-0 victory margin for Rocks put paid to TIPL Advantage's hopes of making the last four unless they too emulated the same margin over Flames. TIPL did go on to beat Flames 2-1 but that was never going to be enough.

Day 5 Res.jpeg


Day 5 of TPTL VII

Todays Matches

5:00 pm : Rockholm Rocks Vs Shanja Acers

6:45 pm : TIPL Advantage Vs Firmusoft Flames

22/03/2022, Group B


G Sand Rators beat BP Slammers 3-0

Geotrans Regals beat TVS 2-1

G-Sand Raptors created a flutter by taking out favorites BP Slammers 3-0, and are virtually assured of topping Group B. Lakshminarayan upset Jayasankar in the singles, while both doubles were rather one sided.

In the other crucial Group B encounter Geotrans Regals squeezed past Team TVS by 2-1 with Biju Thomas winning the deciding singles. Regals now have to beat Raptors to make sure of a place in the semi finals.

Day 4 Res.jpeg


Day 4 of TPTL VII

Todays Matches

5:00 pm : G Sand Raptors Vs BP Slammers

6:45 pm : Geotrans Regals Vs TVS

21/03/2022, Group A


TIPL Advantage beat Shanja Acers 2-1

Firmusoft Flames beat Rockholm Rocks 3-0

Firmusoft Flames virtually assured themselves of a place in the semi finals by pulling off a rare 3-0 win over Rockholm Rocks in their round robin encounter.

All 3 matches in the Flames vs Rocks tie ran close. The open doubles match also saw the first tie breaker of the League.

Earlier, TIPL Advantage had a close 2-1 win over Shanja Acers and ensured they go into their final group game on Wednesday with an even chance to qualify for the knock outs.

Day3 Res.jpeg


Day 3 of TPTL VII

Todays Matches

5:00 pm : Shanja Acers Vs TIPL Advantage

6:45 pm : Firmusoft Flames Vs Rockholm Rocks

20/03/2022, Group B


G Sand Raptors beat TVS 2-1

BP Slammers beat Geotrans Regals 2-1

G Sand Raptors and BP Slammers registered easy wins in their respective opening group ties today. 

G Sand lost their singes as TVS' Ram Kishore maintained his all time unbeaten record, but were able to win both the Open and the 110+ doubles easily. 

BP Slamers won the Singles and the Open doubles to take an unbeatable 2-0 lead. Geotrans Regals came back from behind to snatch the 110 doubles and reduce the margin to 1-2.


Day2 Res.jpeg


Day 2 of TPTL VII

Todays Matches

5:00 pm : TVS Vs G Sand Raptors

6:45 pm : Geotrans Regals Vs BP Slammers

19/03/2022, Group A


Firmusoft Flames beat Shanja Acers 2-1

Rockholm Rocks best TIPL Advantage 2-1

Firmusoft comfortably beat Shaja Acers in the first tie. All the results of the three games were on the expected lines with Vishak and Anand avoiding a clash. Both the marquees were able to win their respective games with the result hinging on the 110+ doubles which was comfortably clinched by the duo of Madhu Ganesh and CT Padmakumar who beat Suresh Kumar and Sreejit Nair. Firumsoft won the tie 2-1

In the second tie Rockholm Rocks upset TIPL Advantage, at one-point TIPL were looking at the possibility of clinching the tie 3-0, after MS Krishnakumar put up a classic performance to down Arun Cherry in the singles and their 110+ doubles team were up in the lead for some time before losing the game. In the final game which was the Open doubles it was supposing to be regular business for TIPL who were expecting to win as they fielded a strong team of Ajay Kumar and Pradeep Vijay. However, the duo of Nitin and Joseph put up a spirited fight to shock TIPL. Rockholm won the tie 2-1

Day-1 Res.jpeg

Welcome to day 1 of TPTL VII

Join in for the coverage of the 7th edition of TPTL. We look forward to the next 8 days of action packed tennis. The tournmant will be innaugrated at 4:45 pm this evening. 8 teams have been divided into Group A & B. Two ties comprising of 3 matches each will be played on each day. Check out the rules page for more.

Todays Matches

5:00 pm : Fermusoft Flams Vs Shanja Acers

6:45 pm : TIPL Advantage Vs Rockholm Rocks

Winners and Runner of earlier edition

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