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  • Application for Membership shall be submitted in prescribed form with a detailed bio-date to the Honorary Secretary, The Trivandrum Tennis Club. After scrutiny of the application the Honorary Secretary will inform the applicant in writing to remit Rs.10,000/- (plus GST applicable) as non-refundable application fee. The application is entered in the register of applicants after the fee is remitted. Such applications are filed according to the priority of application registration. The applicant can ask for an acknowledgement with priority number.

  • Every application for admission shall be proposed by either a Life Member or a Member of the Club and seconded by another similar member. The proposer and seconder of an applicant for membership should have been on the register of Members of the Club for not less than one year.

  • No proposer or seconder is necessary for an application for Family Membership. In the case of Service Membership, a letter of introduction from the Commandant of the local Defence Head-Quarters shall accompany the application.

  • Members of the Executive Committee have no right to propose or second applications.


  • The Admission of members shall be vested with the Executive Committee of the Club, except in the case of Temporary Members and Morning Members, which the Hon. Secretary is authorised to decide upon.

  • All other applications will be placed before the Executive Committee for consideration. The Hon. Secretary shall, within thirty days of the receipt of an application for admission, scrutinize it and place it before the next Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consider the application and if two members of the committee objects to the admission, that applicant shall not be admitted.

  • If the Executive Committee approves the admission, the decision of the Executive Committee shall be intimated to the applicant by the Hon. Secretary. An application form in the format given below will be issued to the candidate who should remit the entrance fee along with the application form within a reasonable time frame. On receipt of the entrance fee the applicant will be admitted as member in the relevant category.

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